Mesos Marathon Framework Supports Long-Running Applications

Marathon Apache Mesos framework pic

Marathon Apache Mesos framework

With over 15 years of software engineering experience, Florian (Flo) Leibert leads the California-based technology system support company Mesosphere, Inc. Florian Leibert also oversees the company’s software product offerings, including the Marathon Apache Mesos framework.

Marathon is a framework for long-running applications designed for compatibility with Mesos datacenters. It provides a variety of application services and solutions, including the provision of an REST API for starting, stopping, and scaling opportunities. In order to ensure systems can survive machine failures, Marathon utilizes a meta framework construction that can launch components in a standard shell. In addition, the system provides a Mesos state abstraction to support the running of several tasks at once.

Users of the Marathon framework can take advantage of features such as application health checks via HTTP or TCP checks, easy integration and scriptability for JSON and REST API, and an event subscription component that enables notification reminders. Marathon requires the use of a shared library and thus must be installed on the same machine as Mesos software. It also enables users to run the system in development mode without launching a full Mesos cluster, although this feature is intended for experimentation purposes rather than production use.


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