MixRank Takes Online Marketing to Another Level

MixRank pic

Image: MixRank.com

Florian Leibert is the founder and CEO of Mesosphere, Inc., a data-simplifying firm that has secured $50 million in funding from top-tier investors since its creation in 2013. Now an investor himself, Florian “Flo” Leibert supports upstart technology-driven businesses as an equity partner with Data Collective.

MixRank is one of the several businesses Data Collective has advised and invested in. Founded by Scott Milliken in 2011, MixRank is a competitive sales intelligence tool that allows online advertisers to gain an edge by tracking their competition’s targeting strategies and ad campaigns. Through continuous scouring of the web and detecting tags and various social integrations, MixRank allows users to track a particular website’s analytics, monetization, and advertising technologies.

MixRank also received startup funding support from big-name technology investors such as Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Mark Cuban Companies, and Global Brain. To schedule a free MixRank demo, visit mixrank.com.


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