How to Stay Safe While Skiing

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Florian “Flo” Leibert is an accomplished software designer and engineer who has worked for the likes of Twitter and Airbnb. Outside of his current responsibilities as founder and CEO of Mesosphere, Inc., Florian Leibert enjoys staying active by skiing.

Whether you have skiing experience or have never set foot on snow, you can benefit from these few quick slope safety tips.

Perhaps the most important safety measure to take is to acquire the right equipment for the sport. Though many national skiing organizations do not require skiers to wear helmets, they still play a crucial safety role. Choose a certified helmet when you have the option. Also, purchase or rent skiing equipment rather than borrowing it from others. Without your own designated gear, you may find yourself skiing with boots that fit poorly.

Once on the slopes, stay safe by understanding and staying within your own limits. You should never attempt to ski on a run that exceeds your skill level. If you have questions about any given slope, then take it slow and use your skis to step sideways down the hill.

Airbnb Supports Sustainable Travel


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An experienced entrepreneur and investor, Florian “Flo” Leibert founded and acts as chief executive officer of Mesosphere, Inc., in San Francisco, California. A longtime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, Florian Leibert previously held roles as a software engineer with prominent tech companies such as Airbnb.

Since 2008, Airbnb has provided affordable lodgings to more than 150 million customers traveling to nearly 200 countries across the globe. Throughout its work, the company has complimented its dedication to customers with its focus on sustainability.

Airbnb set out to make traveling a more environmentally friendly practice after recognizing a number of international trends. As global travel, climate change, and city populations have increased over the years, the company set out to target and fulfill on green initiatives. Airbnb has done this, in part, by allowing its hosts and guests to participate in the “sharing economy,” a system that encourages individuals to use common resources.

The company’s home sharing policies enable its guests to travel more sustainably by avoiding hotel stays. In 2016 alone, Airbnb found that its North American clients helped reduce energy consumption by that of more than 300,000 houses and saved upwards of 41,000 tons of waste just by choosing shared accommodations instead of traditional hotel lodgings.

In addition, Airbnb boasts a network of hosts who implement green practices each time they accommodate guests. The company has even partnered with the likes of Vivint Smart Homes to provide eco-friendly thermostat technology to hosts in North America.