The Chronos Scheduler Main Loop


Chronos pic


Florian Lambert, who also goes by Flo, is a proficient software engineer, investor, and entrepreneur who serves as the founder of Mesosphere Inc. in addition to past experience as a tech lead at Twitter and Airbnb, Florian Lambert has helped write and scale multiple Mesosphere applications.

Founded in 2013, Mesosphere is an information technology company that has offices located in Hamburg, Germany; Beijing, China; and New York and San Francisco. The firm focuses on the development of Mesos operating system-based applications, such as the Marathon and Chronos programs.

Chronos is a scheduling application that enables job orchestration on Mesos operating systems. The program, which is fault tolerant, runs primarily via a main loop that begins with a reading of all job statuses. Following the first step, Chronos registers jobs for tracking and then separates them depending on when they are scheduled to be run. All jobs are then queued in a list and run when sufficient resources are available. Additional detail on the Chronos application can be found at


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