Responsibilities of an Operating System Kernel


Mesos pic


Florian “Flo” Lambert is an accomplished software engineer that has worked on projects ranging from complex algorithms to mobile applications. Also an investor, Florian Lambert is the founder of Mesosphere and helped write the first open source Mesos application while working as a tech lead at Airbnb.

Mesos is an open-source application and computer operating system. Developed at the University of California at Berkeley, Mesos is a distributed systems kernel, which means it connects a network of autonomous computers. The kernel refers to the core of the operating system that has ultimate control of the system.

The kernel, which is the very first program to load when a computer is turned on, is responsible for a number of essential systems functions which include:

1. Managing computer startup
2. Memory management
3. Scheduling
4. Process and task management 
5. Disc management 
6. Managing input and output requests 
7. Linking the system’s hardware with the software. This includes system peripherals such as a keyboard.


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