About Florian Leibert

??????????????San Francisco-based entrepreneur Florian (Flo) Leibert serves as the founder and CEO of Mesosphere, Inc., a technology firm focused on simplifying the design and management processes of distributed systems websites. His responsibilities include writing software, recruiting members of his engineering and marketing teams, and maintaining business relationships with top-tier funding partners Vinod Khosla and Andreessen Horowitz. In his recent ventures, Florian (Flo) Leibert has invested in the Boston-based software company Driftt.

Prior to launching his products and services at Mesosphere, Inc., he developed software at Airbnb. Among other achievements, he created Chronos, which facilitates more efficient job scheduling.

Florian Leibert received a bachelor’s degree in computer science and business from the International University in Germany Bruchsal. During his studies, he participated on the winning team of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) challenge and advanced to the European ACM competition. Additionally, he joined three classmates to represent their class in the 2005 Model United Nations simulation.


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