What is Chronos?


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Image: mesos.github.io

Drawing upon more than 15 years of software development experience, Florian “Flo” Leibert is the founder and chief executive officer of Mesosphere, Inc. In this role, Florian Leibert utilizes Apache Mesos, an open-source platform, and is the creator of Chronos for use with the platform.

Built to replace the default “cron” command, which allows Apache Mesos users to schedule tasks, Chronos runs on top of the Apache Mesos platform. In addition, Chronos can interact with frameworks that allow the storage and processing of very large sets of data.

Chronos offers several advantages over the “cron” command, including the ability to schedule jobs using ISO 8601, a standardized method of displaying times and dates, thus ensuring less confusion and more flexibility in scheduling. Further, Chronos supports job scheduling in cases where the beginning of one job is triggered by the conclusion of another.

Technology and Chronos

Florian (“Flo”) Leibert is a entrepreneur, engineer and founder of Mesosphere. Mesosphere builds the Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) which is the next generation of virtualization, displacing VMWare. Much of the technology is built around containers (e.g. Docker).

Florian was the main author of Chronos, which was built at Airbnb and is used across the industry. Chronos is a framework written for the DCOS (and Mesos). Chronos is a replacement for cron. It is a distributed and fault-tolerant scheduler that runs on top of Apache Mesos that can be used for job orchestration. It supports custom Mesos executors as well as the default command executor. Thus by default, Chronos executes sh (on most systems bash) scripts.

Chronos has a lot of advantages over cron – It allows you to schedule your jobs using ISO8601 repeating interval notation, which enables more flexibility in job scheduling. Chronos also supports the definition of jobs triggered by the completion of other jobs. It supports arbitrarily long dependency chains.

Florian (“Flo”) Leibert, also was one of the first authors of Marathon, which is a container / Docker orchestration engine that works at scale. Together with Tobias Knaup he wrote the first version of Marathon.

Florian resides in the bay area where he enjoys biking, hiking, and surfing.