What is Chronos?


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Drawing upon more than 15 years of software development experience, Florian “Flo” Leibert is the founder and chief executive officer of Mesosphere, Inc. In this role, Florian Leibert utilizes Apache Mesos, an open-source platform, and is the creator of Chronos for use with the platform.

Built to replace the default “cron” command, which allows Apache Mesos users to schedule tasks, Chronos runs on top of the Apache Mesos platform. In addition, Chronos can interact with frameworks that allow the storage and processing of very large sets of data.

Chronos offers several advantages over the “cron” command, including the ability to schedule jobs using ISO 8601, a standardized method of displaying times and dates, thus ensuring less confusion and more flexibility in scheduling. Further, Chronos supports job scheduling in cases where the beginning of one job is triggered by the conclusion of another.

Mesosphere Accelerator Helps Clients Adopt DC/OS Platform


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Mesosphere Accelerator
Image: mesosphere.com

Florian “Flo” Leibert has an extensive career in software engineering and development. As founder and chief executive officer of Mesosphere, Inc., Florian Leibert has played an instrumental role in the creation of the open source platform Mesosphere DC/OS.

Mesosphere offers a number of catered educational services such as the DC/OS Accelerator to help clients who are looking to implement Mesosphere DC/OS. The company has designed this program to speed up the platform adoption process and ensure that clients make the most of their purchase.

Over the course of 38 days, Mesosphere architects walk clients through the various steps that they will need to successfully integrate the DC/OS system. The Accelerator program begins with the DC/OS Discovery stage, which enables customers to gauge how long deployment will take and establish how the program and training will need to meet their software needs. Clients then move on to the Design portion of the program, during which they work with Mesosphere architects to outline a DC/OS system that will best suit their individual case.

DC/OS Deploy comes next in the Accelerator program. During this crucial stage, Mesosphere directly assists its clients with the deployment of their new platform by conducting Production Readiness Testing, facilitating relevant DC/OS education, and establishing important framework. The Accelerator program concludes with the DC/OS Operate stage. This portion of the program teaches the client how to use their new software by providing the foundation for efficient operations and future system upgrades.

How to Stay Safe While Skiing

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Florian “Flo” Leibert is an accomplished software designer and engineer who has worked for the likes of Twitter and Airbnb. Outside of his current responsibilities as founder and CEO of Mesosphere, Inc., Florian Leibert enjoys staying active by skiing.

Whether you have skiing experience or have never set foot on snow, you can benefit from these few quick slope safety tips.

Perhaps the most important safety measure to take is to acquire the right equipment for the sport. Though many national skiing organizations do not require skiers to wear helmets, they still play a crucial safety role. Choose a certified helmet when you have the option. Also, purchase or rent skiing equipment rather than borrowing it from others. Without your own designated gear, you may find yourself skiing with boots that fit poorly.

Once on the slopes, stay safe by understanding and staying within your own limits. You should never attempt to ski on a run that exceeds your skill level. If you have questions about any given slope, then take it slow and use your skis to step sideways down the hill.

Three Great Things to See in San Sebastian

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La Concha Beach
Image: sansebastianturismo.com

A seasoned entrepreneur, Florian “Flo” Leibert co-founded a company when he was 16 years old. Since then, he has developed his software engineering skills working for major companies like Airbnb and Twitter and is now the CEO and founder of Mesosphere, Inc. Away from his professional duties, Florian Leibert has traveled extensively and points to San Sebastian as his favorite destination. A beautiful coastal city in the Basque region of Spain, San Sebastian hosts numerous tourist attractions, including the following:

1. La Concha Beach. A stunning beach that offers beautiful views of San Sebastian, La Concha features white sands and a wide coastline. A popular destination for swimmers, it typically offers calm waters.

2. Museo de San Telmo. Dedicated to the history of the Basque region, Museo de San Telmo is in a 16th-century convent located in San Sebastian’s “Old Town.” The museum is open every day of the week barring Mondays, and hosts numerous art, archaeology, history, and ethnology exhibits.

3. Miramar Royal Palace. A stunning palace that presents a contrast to many of the old buildings in San Sebastian due to its Tudor-style design, Miramar Royal Palace features large manicured gardens and a lovely view of the coast.